Thursday, June 16, 2011

St. Boniface delegation has arrived

Wednesday, 6-15-11

Just a short blog to say that the St. Boniface delegation arrived safe and sound at the Pastoral House around 4:00pm. They are a group of 12 with six men and six women. Everyone got situated, introductions were made, and they had their welcome meeting. I told the birds to be on their best behavior. Barbara the duck has been very good and just sits on her eggs. Chiquita the conure has also been a well-behaved bird. She’s still a little cranky because she’s molting but other than that she’s been good. Chelita the rooster, on the other hand, has been running after people’s feet. We’re going to have to work on her manners.

Dinner was delicious tonight: pupusas, plantain chips, and baked plantains with cinnamon. Since there are so many people we all eat in the chapel. After dinner we tried to connect some of their computers to the internet but only managed to get one connected. Unfortunately, we can’t just call Mediacom to come fix the problem. Then I chatted for a while with the guys around the table. We talked about how I ended up here, what San Salvador was like, and then we started talking about pigs and farming. They were speaking a farm language that I didn’t completely understand (since I’m a city girl), but I was excited to hear about what people were talking about. It’s nice to have someone to chat with at night. It’s sure to be a big week!

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Matt said...

Glad to hear that they made it there safely. Hopefully the week goes well.