Sunday, June 5, 2011

May Compañeros Report

May 1 – 8
Worked more on my visa extension forms. To San Salvador to renew visa; took all day Monday. Taught classes the rest of the week. Celebrated Day of the Cross at my school, the Pastoral House, and Alejandría. Went to a rosary at Jesus’ house because May is the month of the Virgin. Went to Santiago de Maria. Volunteered at the physical therapy foundation. Celebrated Cecilia’s birthday in Alejandría and did the rosary at her house. Taught my first community English class at the Pastoral House. Had my first Spanish class from one of the teachers at my school.

May 9 – 15
No classes Monday or Tuesday for Mother’s Day. Visited the community of Los Llanes for the first time to get to know the community and deliver fertilizer. Did and rosary and celebrated Mother’s Day at Blanca’s house. Baked cookies with Kathy for another rosary held at Blanca’s house. Went to the beach with the Pastoral Team and members of the Directiva of various communities. Volunteered at the physical therapy foundations. Went to a funeral in the caserío of Río de los Bueyes. Taught the community English class and had my Spanish lesson.

May 16 – 22
Taught classes all week. Went to a funeral in Berlín of someone who was from Santa Cruz. Volunteered at the physical therapy foundation. Sang at church with Alejandría group. Had Spanish lesson. Taught community English Class at the Pastoral House.

May 23 – 29
Taught classes Monday through Thursday. To San Isidro to deliver packets. To San Francisco to discuss fertilizer delivery and my family visiting. Drove to San Salvador on Friday to pick up my husband and parents at the airport. To Door of the Devil and Panchimalco. Visited Divinia Providencia, the UCA, Museo de la Palabra, Equipo Maíz, Cathedral, Parque Cuscatlán, and Artisan shops. Explored Tazumal and Joya de Cerén. Drove to Berlín and went to mass on Sunday night.

May 30 & 31
More time with my family. Visited El Mozote, Perquin museum, FMLN encampment, and the Río Sapo. Visited the boy’s school where I teach. Went to the Don Justo finca and the lagoon in Alegría.

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