Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Compañeros report

June 1 – 5
Alisha’s family still here. Visited San Francisco to deliver fertilizer to the community. Walked to Alejandría to get to know the homes of the Pastoral Team. Took family to the Thursday morning market. Walked to San Francisco to visit the homes of several high school scholarship students supported by our church. Drove to Río de los Bueyes to hear testimony of ex-combatants. Enjoyed lunch at the “pool” there. Went to Alegría to say goodbye to the team. Drove my family to the airport on Saturday. Had my Spanish class and community English class on Sunday.

June 6 – 12
Returned to teaching English classes at the school. Delivered corn to San Lorenzo. Visited La Llanes to deliver clothing and toys. Went to Corozal to discuss construction of a bridge in Alejandría that they are helping to build. Had my Spanish class and community English class.

June 13 – 19
Taught English classes at my school. St. Boniface arrived. Visited three health clinics (in Berlín, San Jose, and San Lorenzo). Listened to Civil War testimony of Father Cándido from Berlín and Perfecta from Corozal. Visited the daycare and physical therapy clinic in Berlín. Went to El Recreo: watched young adult group perform, toured the community, did home visits, watched a fútbol game, watched corn delivery. Mass in El Recreo, helped prepare food for 500 people.

June 20 – 26
Visited three schools that St. Boniface supports. Ate lunch at the church in El Recreo with high school scholarship students. Had dinner at La Casa Mia to say goodbye to St. B. Returned to teaching classes at school. Had Wednesday off for Teacher’s Day. Dinner in Alegría to celebrate Teacher’s Day. Went to the beach on Friday with the teacher’s at my school for Teacher’s Day. Went without running water for 4 days. Had community English class.

June 27 – 30
Continued teaching English classes as usual. Went to Pastoral Team meeting with representatives from everyone canton. Drove to El Tablón to see new church construction and deliver packets to families volunteering to help build the church. Prepared for Central Presbyterian arrival.

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