Sunday, June 12, 2011

Busy and not busy

Sunday, 6-12-11

Sometimes it feels like it’s been a really busy day but also not a busy day at the same time. This morning was a little crazy. Between 8am and 9am several things happened. Balmore’s truck died in front of the house and no one knew why. A student from one of the cantons stopped by to get their second payment which helps pay for school supplies. We learned that someone from one of the cantons died in a car accident and a person from another canton had died in San Salvador. A lawyer stopped by to discuss land issues in the cantons. Cecilia and Idalia left to go to the market. And we waited to see if the students from the UCA were going to come today or not.

Yes, Sunday mornings can be busy here. It’s when people are in town because it’s market day and 8am to 10am is prime shopping time. I went to the market a little before 10 to buy a couple things. I needed food for Chelita, baskets for organizing, and I bought some horchata along the way. I still love walking around on market day at all the vendors and things people are selling. I inevitably run into someone I know which is always fun. Today I saw three people from La Llanes and stopped to talk to them for a while.

I returned home from the market only to go back again to buy a couple more things. When I returned home the second time I tried to do some work on the computer but I was really tired. I eventually gave in and laid down for a 20 minute nap before lunch. Lunch was a delicious though I admit that I did not eat the chicken organs. As Kathy put it, I “abstained from the chicken innards.” I managed to get a few things achieved this afternoon. I had planned to get more done but found myself completely unmotivated.

At 2pm Melba showed up to give me my Spanish lesson. I was still tired but soon found myself asking questions. Before I knew it my students had shown up for the community English class at 3pm. I had 11 students today at the class. It went very went and I’ve found myself really enjoying the classes. Everyone who is there wants to learn English and they seem to be learning quickly. The hour flew by and then class was over.

I sat down at my computer, intending to work, but again found myself unmotivated and unable to concentrate. That lasted until we went to mass at 5:15. I normally love mass but had a hard time focusing tonight. I was tired and kept spacing in and out. I didn’t catch what the homily was about; not good. So all in all it’s felt like a weird day for me. I had a hard time getting through the day. Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive and I’ll be motivated enough to actually get something done. We’ll see.


Anonymous said...

I can visualize you going to the market and meeting people from the community -- as happened when we were there. It was a fun time. I'm glad your English class is so well attended. Mom

Matt said...

What a crazy day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit less hectic.