Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's raining toads!

Tuesday, 6-7-11

Hallelujah it’s raining toads! Okay, maybe not Hallelujah, but toads do seem to be falling from the sky. When the rains come, so do the frogs and toads. Actually, I’m not sure if the creatures I’m seeing are frogs or toads. I always thought that toads have dry skin and preferred drier environments while frogs have smooth skin and like moister environments. Everyone here calls anything that resembles a frog or a toad a “sapo” which means “toad.” Of course, most people here think that all toads “spray milk” at people. This is true, some toads do “spray milk” or release a toxin through their skin but usually this only affects the animals trying to eat them. I’m thinking specifically of the Cane Toad (Sapo Lechero) which is the largest toad in the country and lives here in El Salvador as well as in Florida and Texas. A lot of people here are afraid of toads though I’m not sure why. I’m personally more concerned with the way people drive. My advice: As long as you don’t eat the toads in El Salvador or try to kiss one you should be fine. Now enjoy the photos of the lovely frogs and/or toads:

Lurking in the mud

Little frog

Look at the size of that thing!
(The toad, not Kathy's foot)

He has big jowls

As tall as the cup

And fat too!!


Anonymous said...

Interesting pictures! Mom

Matt said...

Pretty cute little guys.