Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mystery food

Tuesday, 6-14-11

It always seems that when Kathy leaves the house, whether it be for the US or to pick up a delegation in San Salvador, the Pastoral Team decides to try out new food on me. You may remember that in April when she left for the US the Pastoral Team served me deep fat fried dried fish (twice) when Kathy had assured me I’d never have to eat it. Well, today she left to go to San Salvador to pick up the St. Boniface delegation and won’t be back until tomorrow. That should have been a signal to me that I’d be getting new food of some sort.

Cecilia made lunch for us today. When I went over to see what she was cooking I didn’t recognize it. I asked what it was and she smiled and said it was something new. She plated me up some of the food and I went to sit down. I wasn’t exactly for sure what I was about to eat. It looked like it had eggs in it and some sort of meat. When I asked her what was in it she listed off several things including “huevos” (eggs) and “carne” (meat). Knowing there was meat in it wasn’t helpful; it could have been any kind of meat. I asked if it was like hamburger meat and she said no. Hmmmm.

I thought about the chicken organs in the soup on Sunday and wondered if that’s what was in my food. It may sound silly to some people, but I really can’t eat animal organs. I can talk about “gross” things like animal organs or what happens to peoples’ bodies after death (grad school research paper), but I can’t bring myself to eat a heart or liver of something. I don’t even eat the skin on fried chicken.

Not wanting to be rude I decided to eat it. It was pretty good. I could taste the eggs and the meat (whatever it was). There were some other things in it as well, and something that made it spicy. I ended up eating it all. I told Cecilia thank you and that I liked the new food. I’m not sure if I’ll ever know what kind of meat was in the food. And I wonder what they’ll fix me the next time Kathy leaves.

The mystery food

The pizza I made for dinner


Anonymous said...

The mystery food looks --- interesting?? The pizza look good. Mom

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that the mystery food is "huevos con chorizo." Chorizo is the sausage that most people eat in El Salvador. So in a way, it is mystery meat after all. Huh!!!???

Alisha Lundberg said...

It could be chorizo. I hadn't thought of that because most of the time when I see chorizo it's called "Argentinian Chorizo" and is served whole.

Matt said...

Mystery meat!!! Oh no. Glad you liked it.