Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saying goodbye

Saturday, 6-4-11

Today was a really hard day for me. My husband and parents were leaving to go back to the States. We got up and had breakfast around 7:15am. Then we got the bags ready to go, said goodbye to everyone including the birds, and had one last look around the house. By 8:15 it was time to hit the road. Kathy drove us all to the airport in the truck. It was a tight fit. We put all the suitcases in the bed of the truck, my dad sat up front, and my mom, Matt, and I squeezed into the back seats. There wasn’t a whole lot of leg room but I was glad I got to be close to everyone on the ride there. We made a brief stop in Santiago de Maria to get some pan dulce and then we headed to the airport. It takes between 2 to 2½ hours to get there. It was a hot ride and I had started to get sad even before we left the house.

We reached the airport around 10:30. There’s not much room to park but we managed to find a spot by the entrance. You can’t go inside the airport unless you have a plane ticket so we had to say goodbye on the curb. I hugged everyone a lot and was crying by that time. Saying goodbye was much harder than I expected. I tried to make my goodbyes last as long as possible but they needed to get inside and we couldn’t stayed parked by the curb forever. I gave everyone one last hug and kiss and they walked over to the line. Kathy and I hopped back in the truck and left the airport.

Matt and I on the way to the airport

One last picture with the family in El Salvador

I was feeling really sad and emotionally drained. We pulled over to a gas station about 10 minutes after leaving the airport to fill up and get something to eat. I hadn’t eaten breakfast that morning because I felt sick but I saw a Dr. Pepper that looked good. Don’t see those a lot here. I also got a bag of chips. I ate a little bit and made a quick bathroom break. Then we were back on the road. We chatted for quite a while and it wasn’t until we were 25 minutes away from Berlín that I fell asleep. Kathy said my head kept flopping around from side to side and thought I’d have a headache when I woke up.

When we got home I thought about taking a nap but decided I didn’t want to be in my room. It felt hot and claustrophobic especially without Matt there. So I spent the rest of the day trying to keep a little busy. I played with Chiquita for a while and she took a little bird bath. I worked on my blog since I’d fallen 3 days behind when my family was here. We did so many things and stayed so busy. Plus I wanted to spend time with them and not be on the computer the whole time. But it was hard to work on my blog because I was writing about what we did and looking at pictures of us which made me sad.

I knew the night time was going to be the hardest for me. I am a night owl and love the night but it can be very lonely. It’s the time when all the problems in the world start to bear down on me. Then I get panicky, especially when I have nobody to talk to. But my parents said they’d call when they got home. Around 10:15pm they called and we talked for a while. Matt was staying the night at my parent’s house so we all chatted on Skype. Thank God for Skype!! I was glad to hear they made it back okay and there were no problems with luggage or flights. They were exhausted so we said goodbye and promised to talk tomorrow.

Earlier in the day Kathy told me that I should watch, “The Vicar of Dibley” tonight. The name sounded familiar but I’d never seen the show before. It’s a British sitcom. So after talking to my family I watched a couple episodes on YouTube. It started out slow and I thought it was a bit weird, but I kept watching. It turned out to be hilarious and just what I needed. I definitely want to watch it again some time. I hope I can find the rest of the episodes on YouTube. After talking to my family and finishing the shows I felt tired and soon fell asleep. It was a long day.

Chiquita trying to bathe in her water bowl

She was a very wet bird

But she's still adorable

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Matt said...

It was a difficult day leaving and all. It was an incredible week. It seemed far too short. I'm glad you were able to relax a bit when you got home. The Vicar of Dibley is a hilarious show. I've watched it several times on PBS. We should get more of them when you get back.