Saturday, July 30, 2011

San Lorenzo church update

Saturday, 7-30-11

I wrote a couple weeks ago (July 12) about the old Catholic church in the canton of San Lorenzo being redone. They’re fixing up the walls on the inside and the outside of the church. I’ve visited the church a couple times since that first blog to check on the progress and take more pictures. It is looking beautiful! Below are more photos of the church.

Working on the front of the church

Scraping old paint off the columns

Working on the side of the church

Lots of work

Hauling cement

Making concrete

Precariously balanced

Standing on a board that's being held up by another
board that's being held up by an old metal rung

The other side of the church

Lots of scraping

Signs of hard work

Working inside the church

Things piled up in the middle of the church

Making more concrete

The front of the church

Smoothing the sides of the walls

It's going to be beautiful!


Kim Coulter said...

It already is beautiful - what a wonderful sanctuary for a community of faithful people! Thanks for the update Alisha!
-Kim Coulter, Presbytery of Des Moines

Anonymous said...

The church will be beautiful when all finished. I really like those columns in the front. Some pretty scary balancing acts going on there.