Friday, July 1, 2011

Constructing a new church

Thursday, 6-30-11

This afternoon we went to go see the progress on the construction of a new church in El Tablón Centro. We were also going to deliver food packets to the families of the people in the community who were volunteering their time to build the church. We make packets last night for each family filled with rice, sugar, salt, oil, potatoes, lye for corn, soup mix, spaghetti, coffee, and soap. The Team was also giving a 5-gallon water jug to each family. Since there were 75 heavy packets plus water jugs that wouldn’t all fit in the pickup we hired Raul (Antonio’s son) to pick up the items and drive them to El Tablón. Raul arrived around 2:30pm along with several guys from El Tablón who helped load the packets and water jugs onto the truck.

It took around an hour to get to El Tablón. When we arrived Kathy and I went to go take a quick look at the church. Several guys were there working on it. It is going to be huge! Like the community working together to build the church in Corozal, members of this community have been volunteering their time and energy to build a church for their community. It’s wonderful to see a community be together to create something for the betterment of everyone. I’m excited to see what the church will look like after it’s finished.

Construction of the church in El Tablon

It's going to be big!

Safety is a suggestion

Working hard 

Soon the big truck arrived and we went to watch the packet distribution. The leader of the community said a few words, followed by Blanca and Kathy. Then began the handout of the packets. As with distribution of other packets, fertilizer, and corn, everyone’s names were on a list that we brought with us. Someone from each family was called to the table to sign for their packet and water jug. Next the person went over to the truck and people from the community handed them their gifts.

The entire process lasted about an hour. During that time Kathy and I wandered around to talk to people and take pictures. I always love watching the distribution process and chatting with people from the community. Kathy and I inevitably find a group of children to play with and take their pictures. The kids are usually shy at first but eventually warm up to us. And in the end they love having their picture taken.

The big truck arrived with the packets

Ceci sits down to help call peoples' names

Speaking to the community

This must be the "guy area"

Signing for his packet

The ladies listen in

Adorable little girl

Waiting for her name to be called

Three peas in a pod

Unloading the packets

Unloading the jugs

This little guy is named Alexi

I love the look on his face

A little camera shy

Getting him in the picture


She posed for this picture

Helping mom

He was jumping around like a frog

Right before he jumped at her

A plant that stings 

Coconuts for us

Young and old help out

Sign here

Seeing us off

After all the packets had been distributed and people had gone we piled into the pickup truck to drive to Antonio’s house. As we dropped him and his family off we were invited inside for charamuscas (homemade popsicles). We stayed for a while to talk to his family. I’d never been to his house before so I was excited to be there. We got to see one of his granddaughters who is beautiful and learned that he has another grandchild on their way. He is indeed a proud grandpa.

It was getting late so we said goodbye to everyone. We’ll be seeing them on Sunday at the inauguration of the cooperative in El Tablón Cerna because they’ll be driving the truck for the people from the University of Central America (UCA) who will be attending the celebration. It has been a good day. It’s always nice to end the day on a good note.

Too cute!

A good helper

I think these were some kind of lily

I love the leaves of these plants

Cool leaves

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Matt said...

Delivering packets and things to the communities always seems like an important day for the whole canton. Everyone is out and about. It will be great when the church is finished. The kids are all pretty cute. I really like the charamuscas. They are so simple but tasty.