Thursday, July 28, 2011

A bit of excitement

Thursday, 7-28-11

I just had a little bit of excitement. I was working at my computer in the dining room area when I decided I needed to be done and go to bed. I was walking into my room when suddenly a cat came running out. I screamed as it flew by me and ran into the other room. Alejandro must have heard me scream because pretty soon he’d run down the stairs and into the main house. At that point the cat ran into the kitchen, jumped up onto the stove, and then to the cabinets above.

I turned to Alejandro and said, “Qué debemos hacer?” (What should we do?) Neither one of us was sure. My concern was getting scratched or bitten by the cat; I didn’t want to get rabies. Now, normally it’s bats and dogs that transmit rabies to humans but cats can as well. And even though getting rabies isn’t common in the US, I remembered reading that rabies is still highly endemic in El Salvador.

Eventually I decided I’d try moving the pot the cat was crouching behind to see if it’d move. Alejandro opened the door while I climbed up on a chair by the stove. I had a stick with me just in case the cat came at me. But as soon as I moved the pot it jumped down onto the counter and ran out the door. Whew! No more cat in the house. I thanked Alejandro and he went back to bed.

So the question of the hour is: How did the cat get into the house? Well, I’d left the door open as I often do at night until I go to bed. I guess the cat must have come in at some point while I was working and snuck into my room. The cats (which do not belong to us) don’t normally come in the house during the day because there are always people around, but at night I’m the only one in the main house. However, I’m not too concerned about that cat coming back. I don’t think I’ll ever see that cat again. The poor thing is probably traumatized.

Can you see the cat head?

The cat was pretty scared

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Matt said...

Poor little kitty. He was probably pretty scared. I hope he still comes around to get any fish scraps.