Saturday, July 2, 2011

Central Presbyterian arrives

Saturday, 7-2-11

Just a short blog to say that the 7 delegates from Central Presbyterian Church in Des Moines, Iowa arrived in Berlín today. They got settled in and we had the welcome meeting with the group. I won’t be able to accompany the group most mornings this week because I have school. But I’ll be able to be with them in the afternoons. It’s going to be a fun week ahead!! Here’s the itinerary:

Friday, July 1st
7:45  Arrive: Continental Flight
8:30  Travel to Los Pinos
9:45  Arrive at Los Pinos
10:00  Quick welcome and debrief (bathroom ‘etiquette’ etc)
10:30  Get some sleep!

Saturday, July 2nd
7:30  Light breakfast at Los Pinos (included)
8:15  Picked up by Alfredo in Microbus. (load luggage)
8:30  Visit Parque Cuscatlán – Civilian war memorial wall
9:15  Visit Divina Providencia where Oscar Romero lived and was martyred.
10:30  Visit the UCA where 6 Jesuit priest were massacred -
11:45  Lunch at the Artisan shops – only place for ‘touristy’ items – and we need to eat anyway!
2:00  Visit the Cathedral where Monsignor Romero’s tomb is housed
2:30  Begin drive to Berlin
4:30  In Berlin – meet the Pastoral Team and settle in rooms
5:00  Brief welcome meeting with the Pastoral Team
6:30  Dinner at the Pastoral House
7:30  Reflections and orientation of the day

Sunday, July 3rd
7:00  Breakfast at Casa Pastoral
7:45  Begin drive to Tablón Cerna
9:00  Mass to dedicate the Cooperative
10:30  Inauguration of the Cooperative, snack after
1:30  Lunch at Casa Pastoral
2:30  Visit church in Berlin, walk the park, get some ice cream
6:00  Dinner at La Casa Pastoral
7:30  Reflections

Monday, July 4th
6:30  Breakfast at La Casa
7:00  Begin drive to El Mozote
9:30  Hear from the Foundation Volunteer the testimony of the massacre
11:00  To the War Museum in Perquin
12:30  To the FMLN encampment next door
1:45  Late lunch at Perkin Lenca
3:00  Begin drive back to Berlin
5:30  Back at the Pastoral House
6:30  Dinner at La Casa Pastoral
7:30  Reflections with time to watch Rufina Amaya’s half hour video

Tuesday, July 5th
7:30  Breakfast
8:45  Visit 2 marginalized schools (plan a craft, song, activity or game??)
11:30  Early lunch at La Casa Pastoral
12:30  Head out to Alejandría (drive or walk)
1:00  Visit Jesús’ house and chat with his mom -
2:15  Visit Cecilia’s house and chat with mom
3:30  Visit Blanca and Balmore’s house – chat with parents
4:45  Begin drive back to Berlin
5:15  Free time - clean up
6:30  Dinner at La Casa Pastoral
7:30  Reflections

Wednesday, July 6th
7:30  Breakfast at La Casa Pastoral
9:00  Begin drive to community COROZAL (community with D.M. partnership
9:30  Meeting with community and Directiva to learn of a successful partnership
12:00  Lunch in Corozal at Vilma and Daniel’s house
1:30  Drive to La Llanes
2:15  Deliver Water Tanks
4:00  Drive back to Berlin
4:45  Free time Clean up
6:00  Dinner at La Casa Pastoral
7:00  Reflections

Thursday, July 7th
7:30  Breakfast at La Casa Pastoral
8:30  Walk the local market (this is life! for the people of the cantons)
10:00  Walk - Coffee toaster where Don Justo is roasted. Learn process from tree to cup
10:45  Walk to La Tienda de Niña Luz (Rustic artisan goods)
12:00  Lunch at La Casa Pastoral
1:00  Drive to the Coffee Finca where Don Justo is grown and processed
3:00  Leave the finca
3:45  Explore the Lagoon in Alegria and if time, walk the town of Alegría
5:30  Back at La Casa – free time
6:30  Dinner at La Casa Pastoral
7:30  Reflections

Friday, July 8th
7:00  Breakfast at La Casa Pastoral
7:45  Begin drive to BEACH (about 2 hours)
12:00  Lunch at the beach
2:00  Begin drive back
4:00  Back at the Casa Pastoral – clean up
4:30  Final meeting with Pastoral Team to talk about the week
5:30  Dinner in Alegria with Pastoral Team. A nice way to say ‘thank you’ for the week
7:30  Reflections or pack time

Saturday, July 9th
7:00  Breakfast at the Pastoral House then finish packing
8:00  Load suitcases and head to airport with Alfredo in Microbus
12:20  Flight – ¡Buen Viaje! Continental

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Matt said...

Glad everyone made it ok. Looks like a jam-packed schedule. It should be an interesting and exciting week. Have fun!