Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Students Day!

Friday, 7-29-11

Today was “El Día del Alumno” (Student’s Day). I wasn’t for sure what would be going on but I was prepared for anything. Cecilia told me she didn’t know if I’d have all my classes because there was some meeting for parents at school at 9:00am. But as it turns out I taught my first three classes as usual. In between my second and third class I bought myself a Coke. Then during my fourth period class it appeared as though the whole school was running around so we didn’t have class. Instead I spent time chatting with the kids. Then somehow we ended up having a contest where the kids balanced broom handles on their hands for as long as possible. One of the kids did it for 52 seconds. After that we moved outside the classroom for the contest and the same kid balanced the broom on his hand for over 2 minutes. It was a lot of fun!

I’d heard earlier in the day that at some point there’d be ice cream. The ice cream hadn’t made it to the classroom I was in yet so I went out in search of it. Along my way I walked by one of my 5th grade classrooms. They were making their own food for Student’s Day and invited me in to join them. So I went inside to see what they were making. The students prepared a huge sandwich for me with chicken and vegetables inside. I sat down to eat with them. It was absolutely delicious.

When I’d finished eating I thanked the kids and continued on my hunt for the ice cream. A little boy from my 4th grade class joined me on my search. We looked all around the school for the ice cream but couldn’t find it. Eventually we returned to the classroom. And it was there that we found the ice cream. Hooray!! All the boys got in line for some ice cream. Then the teachers scooping up the ice cream handed me some as well. I’m not exactly sure what the flavor was but it tasted a little like what I imagine the “gum” flavor tastes like. Not my favorite but I forced it down. I’m never one to turn down ice cream.

Then came another surprise: more food. Several of the moms of the 4th graders had cooked up a special lunch for their kid’s class. They brought in a couple large pots full of food they’d whipped up. As soon as another mother came along with the tortillas they started serving up food for all the kids. When they offered me food I said I’d just have a little bit. But the concept of “I’ve already eaten; I’ll just have a little” does not exist here. So I got a plate full of chicken, rice, vegetables, and tortillas. It was very tasty and I amazingly managed to finish it up.

When I was done I thanked everyone for the food. By then it was noon and time to go home. I rolled myself to the Pastoral House and told Cecilia that I would not be eating lunch. When she asked why I listed off all the food I’d eaten at school. She just laughed. I’d say it was a pretty good Student’s Day.

Broom balancing contest

Taking the contest outside

Don't let the sun in your eyes

You can do it!

Tough competition

He eventually won

Pretending to eat my ice cream

Not pretending to eat my ice cream cream


Don't let it drip

Some of my second graders

Too cute

Take a picture of me!

About to enjoy his ice cream


Group shot

The ice cream bit the dust

With and without ice cream

Very happy

Ice cream makes everyone smile

He was being silly

Good pals

Waiting to get food

Serving up food for the kids

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Matt said...

Sounds like a great day and the kids were really enjoying their ice cream.