Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 8 Photos: Can we stay here?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Recycling bins at a school on the outskirts of Berlin

These two boys wanted their pictures taken

Eating a tasty rice with warm milk snack. It is delicious!

Waving goodbye to us

Jose (73) lives here with his wife Geranade (70)

Jasefina (33) lives here with her husband Amilcar (32) and three children. Ivania (11), the girl in the white shirt, is a member of the youth group who I met in the spring

These two children, Alejandra (11) and Jerson (5) live here with their mother and another brother

Kathy's mobile office

Leticia (20) lives here with her husband Wilber (23) and their 2 year old daughter

Roxana (25) lives here with her mother Paz (46), her father Manuel (48) and her brother

Sitting on an old water filter. A few of the ones that were first installed did not work and had to be replaced. This one now serves as a bench

Maria (35) lives here with her husband Enrique (21) and three children

A solar panel on one of the houses in San Francisco!

Josefa (62) lives here with her husband Jose (68) and two grandchildren. Amanda (13), the girl in the blue shirt, is a member of the youth group who I met in the spring. She ran up and gave me a huge hug when I walked to the house. It was a wonderful surprise!!!

A little boy playing on a swing

Maria (88) lives here with her son Jose (65). I LOVED these two! They are so cute! Daniel opened their care package and explained everything that was inside.

A giant moth with eyes on it's wings - very cool

Jose (55) lives by himself. I often wonder how men are able to survive on their own. Most men do NOT cook (or know how to cook) or do laundry, etc. It's something to investigate.

**NOTE: The last six gift packages were given away at the church to people who live in the caserio of Santa Rita. Unfortunately, because of delays the first day, we weren't able to walk to Santa Rita.

Carmen (29) lives with her husband Jose (36) and five children

Cristabel (35) lives with her husband Juan (36) and five children. She walked 40 minutes with a sick child to get her package. The children's medicine came in handy right away.

Jose (75) lives with his wife Maria (72) and two children and one grandchild. He walked 40 minutes, barefooted, to the church to get his gift package.

Jose (62) lives with his nephew Adalberto (41) in Santa Rita. Jose accompanied us every day we did the census.

A butterfly on the ground near the church

The new church in San Francisco!

Inside the new church

Daniel played guitar for us while we ate lunch

The rear of the church which will probably need a retaining wall sometime in the future

A bathroom near the church in San Francisco

A water collection tank by the church in San Francisco

The new retaining wall as seen from above

The new retaining wall as seen from the road

Meeting with the Directiva (community board). At the left is Miguel, who is a member of the Pastoral Team and the liason between San Francisco and the Pastoral Team. In the middle is Jose Santiago, who is an alternate. On the right is Jose Deonicio, the treasurer.

More of the Directiva: On the left is Mirna, the secretary. In the middle is Migdalia, another alternate.

A little girl holding her family's gift package

Myself with two members of the youth group, Erica and Veronica. I love these girls!!

Veronica speaking during the celebration

Miguel led much of the celebration

The musicians

The choir

Our friend Maria and her daughter

Maria's little neighbors who walked with her to the celebration

Maria's little girl, Maria, wasn't too happy to be without mom

Maria's children: Cristian (4), Noel (6), and Maria (6 months)

A chicken tied up in the yard of the Pastoral House. She was going home with Cecilia. I asked Kathy if she was going to be food. Kathy said she saw Cecilia feeding her corn instead of only letting her peck in the grass; not a good sign for the chicken.

Uh-oh!!! Now Lynn did something bad and got the devil horns.

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