Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 3 Photos: Inadequate woman

Sunday, 9-12-2010

I fed the turtle some bread

Watching a parade. They start Independence Day celebrations early in the week.

Look at all the cute little kids!

There go the queens of the school

Lots of little dancers

They are pretty beautiful

And there's always a band

A nun!!! I love nuns!

"Valley West Mall" in Berlín

Looking at clothes

Shopping, anyone?

Salvadoran apples. Very small.

Mmmm, dried fish


Lots of supplies.

Starting to make the care packages

In each package: body soap, laundry soap, 1 lb. of beans, 4 toothbrushes, toothpaste, 100 pills of acetaminophen, 50 tablets of antacids, 38 band-aids, and a little note all wrapped up in a towel

The finished product

Making piles

Cecilia was helping us

Lots of packages

Blanca and Mauricio helped too

Gathering the supplies

Putting it all together

Deciding how to tie the twine around the towels

Lunch break: pasta, chicken, pipian, guisquil, and carrots

Preparing for work at the milpa (corn field) with my cuma (large, curved machete)

Riding in the back of the truck to the milpa in Alejandria

The roads aren't so great anywhere in the cantons

You can see how these dirt "walls" near the roads combined with rain make landslides very common. This is why retaining walls are so important.

The roads get really muddy

We parked the truck and walked about a mile to the milpa

Blanca leading the way

Most cornfields are on a steep slope

The valley below

In the distance you can see La Geo (the geothermal plant)

You can barely make out the trail. You can also see someone's cornfield

Lynn and Kathy walking down the steep trail

Planting and harvesting corn is no easy task

Pausing for a moment along the trail with my cuma

We reached our milpa and headed down

Lynn stayed at the top to shuck corn

Alejandro showed us the proper way to bend the corn stalks

Here I am cutting the weeds

Learning to gently bend the corn stalks using the cuma

Taking out the weeds

We only worked about an hour

The butterflies loved the jocotes (kind of fruit) on the ground

A greenish butterfly I saw

So many beautiful creatures

It was a lot of work

Tossing ears of corn to each other

Blanca heading back up the slope

Lynn "straining" to shuck the corn

Alejandro carried one bag on his shoulder

Blanca carried back the other bag on her head without using her hands

Lynn told Alejandro she needed to learn how to carry a bag

Lynn carrying the bag of corn

I could only let go for a few seconds

Stealing another mattress to put on her bed

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Matt said...

I can't believe you did all of this in one day. The parade looked like fun, I love all the costumes. It is amazing they can plant and grow corn on those mountain sides like that!