Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 6 Photos: Rain, rain, go away

Wednesday, 9-15-2010

I think I took a picture of this turtle every day that week

Blanca & Idalia with the new shoes we bought them. It was a gag gift because they said they needed better shoes for the walking we were going to be doing in the cantons. So we got them some very flat, non-treaded, plastic shoes.

We had to park the truck further away than we'd originally planned because another truck was stuck in the mud on the road.

I'm ready for the census to begin!

Lynn and her gaggle of men

Making our way to the first house

The little boy who lives at the house greeted us with a machete. Not uncommon.

The first family: Ovidio (36) and Rosa (26) and have 3 kids with a 4th on the way

I picked up a giant leaf and put it over my head saying I could use it as an umbrella if it started raining

Getting back onto the "road"

Tito giving Lynn a hand

Looking out at the valley below. In the distance you can see the Rio Lempa

Chepe pointing to the river

Chepe, Mirna, and Daniel taking a look out at the valley

Sitting down to meet the next family

Blanca and Cecilia sitting down by the water tanks

Chepe (49) and Maria (46) have 6 kids that live with them. They also have another son who lives there with his wife and daughter (picture later on in the blog).

Looking at a piece of sugar cane

The guys cut off the outer layer of the sugar cane with their machetes and then we got to eat it! You chew on the pulp and suck out the juice, then spit out the rest.

More papayas!

Maria (47) lives at her house with her husband (63)

Once we got 2.5 miles down the mountainside we turned around and started the trek back up.

Lorenzo (21) and Rosa (24) live with their daughter (2). They live in the same house as his parents (Chepe and Maria).

Making our way back up

Though you cannot tell in this picture, I was dripping with sweat and my clothes were soaked

Daniel managed to get his rain coat on just before it started raining

About 3 minutes before it started to pour

The clouds rolled in

We sought refuge inside someone's house and this tiny puppy lived there

Chickens inside someone's house are very common

The spout is made of bamboo. Water collects from the roof of the house and flows to the bamboo and into the water tank.

Jose was smart and wore a rain coat

I took a full body shot of Lynn after she came in from the rain. She was completely, soaking wet. I was told I could NOT post that picture of her. So here is a picture of her wet hand. You'll have to use your imagination to visualize what she looked like.

Tito standing out in the rain with some sugar cane

The rain ceased for about 10 minutes and we walked a little further. Then it started up again. It is the rainy season indeed!

Miguel was equally thrilled with all the rain

Three drowned rats

The wet census information that was in my pocket. Lynn's money was also drying out.

Around 4:30pm it stopped raining so Lynn and I went walking around Berlin

We found ourselves at La Casa Mia with drinks

Lynn had a Coca-cola

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