Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 1 Photos: Day 1 of Alisha & Lynn’s crazy adventure

Friday, 9-10-2010

Leaving from Des Moines with all of our luggage

We made it to El Salvador!
There wasn't much room left in the car.

FMLN turtles at Los Pinos!

Taking a rest in the hammock

At the University of Central America (UCA)

A sign outside the chapel at the UCA.
I think it's for the people who were recently murdered in Mexico.
Several were from El Salvador.

The museum at the UCA:
The Voice of the Voiceless

Picture of items of Rutilio Grande

Clothes worn by the Jesuit priests when they were murdered

Bits of grass with blood on them from the Jesuit priests

A dictionary that was slashed a few days before the priests were killed

The four small pictures of the Americans that were killed during the Civil war

There were several massacre sites in El Salvador

Scapular and pieces of cloth with Oscar Romero's blood on them

A sign in El Salvador about the increase in violence:
Government and society united against crime and violence
On the t-shirt: Nobody is going to intimidate El Salvador

Lots of police

Inside the National Cathedral

Beautiful stained glass

Beautiful dove

Oscar Romero's tomb

Other tombs below the church

Thinking about Romero

There were a lot more police in San Salvador than usual

The El Salvador del Mundo statue and park area is being touched up

Dinner in San Salvador

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Matt said...

You really got to see so much in your first day. I'm glad you finally got to see the museum. That must have pretty moving seeing all the clothes and artifacts from the priests and others who were killed. The picture of the dictionary is really striking.