Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 5 Photos: Quiero café

Tuesday, 9-14-2010

Cecilia and Idalia cleaning off the truck from the day before

Trying to get all the mud out of the garage



Clouds approaching Berlin

The nearby town of Santiago of Maria

Of course, Lynn managed to find Nebraska gear in El Salvador

Toilet at the "mall" area. No seat and it smelled strongly of bleach.

The clouds are rolling in

Taking a load off

Guarding the truck with my new cuma (curved machete)

The finca where Don Justo Coffee is grown

Arquimides explains the process of creating coffee from tree to cup

This is where the coffee is laid out to dry after it is picked, de-shelled, and washed. The drying process takes 7 to 15 days. Groupings of coffee beans are set out at different times so they are able to continually dry coffee. There are machines that are used to dry coffee but this finca doesn’t have one. When the beans are dried they are a grayish brown color.

Coffee cherries - not ripe yet.
Coffee beans are three different colors: green, yellow, and reddish. You don’t pick the green or yellow ones, only the red ones, which are called cherries in English and uvas (grapes) in Spanish.

Learning how coffee is picked

You basically start and one end of the finca and pick off all the reds one in a row and them continue to move forward. You do sweeps of the finca to get the cherries. To do this you have a basket (canasta) in front of you that’s tied to your waist very tight. You pick the cherries and put them in the basket.

Arquimides telling us how heavy the basket gets.
Once you get about 20 to 25 pounds in the basket you put them in a sack you carry with you. Then you drag the sack with you as you collect more cherries. Most people collect 150 to 200 pounds per day.

Papayas at the finca. Not quite ripe yet.

Arquimides and I climbed the tree to pick jocotes (a kind of fruit)

Kathy asked me not to fall

I munched on a few jocotes

Blanca was checking out the corn field

I'm not sure what Idalia was doing (I was still in the tree)

A look back toward the building

Walking around the finca

Blanca and Idalia picked some jocotes from the ground

A beautiful area

Saltamontes!! Grasshopper!!

Sleeping like a leopard in the tree

I took this picture of Arquimides while we were up in the tree

Looking up

A closeup of jocotes

A proud warrior of jocotes with her bamboo picking tool

**We left the finca and headed back toward Berlin. Later that day we visited the toastery in Berlin to see where Don Justo Coffee is toasted.

Inside the toastery

The machine that removes the final layer of pulp around the coffee bean

Toilet inside the toastery

Mauricio, the man who lives and works at the toastery

Mauricio showing us the machine that toasts the coffee

Looking up over the walls into the park in the middle of Berlin. It's not finished yet.

We peeked inside and saw swingset equipment

The Pastoral House - Home sweet home

Lynn and I were buying purses at the Pastoral House later that night. They are stored in these giant tubs. So I crawled in one to see if I'd fit inside.

Then Lynn tried to lock me in but I managed to get free.

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