Monday, November 21, 2011

Walking around in Virginia

Saturday, 11-12-11

Below are some photos of our experiences walking through the canton of Virginia to do a census of the community.

Steep climb

They had a very small home

Her baby girl is adorable

Beautiful family

Magnificent view

She was precious

Smiling for photos is not necessarily a custom here


Coffee out drying

I love his shirt:
"God made me groovy"

Translator at work

Wooden cross leaning against a tree

Freshly harvested beans

Not looking at the camera is also common

This little girl had beautiful eyes

We chatted outside her home

Looking very dapper

Layers of dirt

Talking to the only person home

Funky flowers

In front of their home

Perched in a tree

Dekerneling corn while sitting in a hammock

With her two grandsons

Lots of harvested corn

With his two daughters

Michelle catching a quick nap
in the back of the pickup

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Matt said...

Great pictures that capture life in the cantons. It is interesting to see the pictures of the beans because I've never seen them before.