Monday, November 28, 2011

Final days of school

Below are a few pictures from the last couple days of school. Since I wanted to do something fun with the kids we played Lotería in all of my classes. Lotería is a Mexican bingo game that uses pictures instead of numbers and letters. The kids all recognized the game since we also played it for my birthday. When I called out each card, I first called out the word in English and then in Spanish. The kids knew several of the words I called out in English. It was fun when they recognized the words in English. To make sure everyone would win I called out all the cards. After each kid won I gave them a piece of candy. It was a lot of fun! I love my students!


Some of the students in my 2nd grade class

They're hilarious

Picture with me and a few students

Playing Loteria

Tradition: the ninth graders draw on their uniforms

The Virgin Mary

Very artistic


Maybe his name

Some of my third grade students

Only 8 of the 28 students showed up this day

Having fun

Playing futbol

With one of my third graders

I love these kids

One of my first graders

Lots of futbol

More Loteria time

We actually stayed until after the bell rang
so we could play another round of Loteria

My fifth grade class playing Loteria

We had a good time

My sixth grade class

The kid to the right who's smiling at the
camera always likes to have his picture taken

Some of my first graders playing Loteria

They are a crazy group

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Matt said...

Sounds like a great day. The kids love being with you. I think you have taught them so much. You should be very proud.