Friday, November 11, 2011

Delegation arrival

Thursday, 11-10-11

Just a quick note to say that the First Presbyterian Church delegation from Dallas Center has arrived safely in Berlín and has had a great first couple days. To honor the delegation I’ve decided to post a few pictures of the puzzle that one of the delegates brought down last year for the Pastoral Team. They’ve been working on the puzzle for several months and finally got it finished before the delegation got here. Thanks CJ!

Kathy working hard on the puzzle

Some ant's larvae on the puzzle

Kathy, Miguel, and Ceciia working away

Cecilia working during the heavy October rain

It's getting there

Studying the pieces

She organized the puzzle pieces

Team effort


Mom said...

We put our few pieces in the puzzle while down there as I'm certain many other delegates did too. Good to hear it's complete.

Matt said...

Glad to hear it's finally complete. Time to start a new one. Ohhh, maybe a 3D one.

DAD said...

I'm surprised you weren't short a piece or two. I can only claim putting in 3 or 4 though :-)