Monday, October 17, 2011

Storm statistics

Monday, 10-16-11

Here are some figures from the Salvadoran newspaper, La Prensa, about El Salvador and the rain:

• 32 people have been killed in El Salvador as a result of the rain, the majority died in landslides

• 576 landslides have taken place

• 150,000 people are at risk of being affected by the constant rains that have hit the country this week.

• 20,000 people have been evacuated from their homes

• 261 emergency shelters have been set up across the country to house people

• 38 rivers have overflowed

• 2,165 areas in the streets have been damaged

• 3 of the country’s main rains have been closed due to the rain (landslides and debris)

• 0 schools are having classes. Classes are still suspended until further notice

• 102 schools are being used as shelters to house people who’ve been displaced by the rains

• 257 schools in El Salvador have been damaged by the constant rain. Preliminary estimates put the damage at 3 million dollars.

• 42 inches of rain have fallen in the city of Huizúcar, which is close to San Salvador, since last Monday; that’s the most in the country. Here in Berlín we’ve had about 30 inches of rain since last Monday.

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Matt said...

Wow, what a disaster. It must be so difficult for the country to deal with as there is so little infrastructure in place anyway. I hope it is all over soon.