Monday, October 17, 2011

State of Emergency in El Salvador

I just received an email from the SHARE Foundation about the State of Emergency in El Salvador and thought I’d post it here.

The SHARE Foundation
State of Emergency in El Salvador

Heavy rainfall in El Salvador and throughout Central America since Sunday, October 9th has claimed the lives of at least 32 people and forced over 20,000 people to evacuate their homes and communities to emergency shelters. Accumulated rain greater than during Hurricane Mitch in 1998 has caused hundreds of landslides and mudslides, closing roads, destroying bridges, and leaving many communities cut off. Up until a week ago, many farmers shared that this year would be their best harvest in years; much of this crop will now be lost, rotting in the fields. A state of emergency was declared on October 14th and continues today, with rain predicted to continue until Wednesday.

“The massive nature, extension and intensity of the phenomenon puts us to the test as a community, as a people,” President Funes said on national television and radio Sunday. Funes has repeatedly called for solidarity: “Only working together, united, hand-in-hand, will we be able to bring relief to the thousands of families who are victims.”

Although the national government response has been exceptional compared to past years—SHARE counterparts in the Bajo Lempa report that this is the first time representatives from national government institutions including the Ministry of Agriculture and Civil Protection have arrived to help—there is still urgent need for supplies, including food, drinking water, blankets and mattresses. Thousands of people were immediately forced to abandon their homes and communities, bringing with them only a few changes of clothing.

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There are other organizations that are helping with the disaster in El Salvador. You can donate through their websites as well:

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Mom said...

How incredibly sad -- especially for the farmers losing yet another crop.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible situation for everyone. It must be especially hard for the people in the cantons.