Sunday, October 9, 2011

Spitballs and paper airplanes

No matter where you are some things are trendy and some things aren’t. Certain toys or games are popular for a while and then they fade. Back in May and June capiruchos were a very popular toy. I even wrote a blog about them and took a short video of my students playing with them (May 23: Capirucho – the latest trend). I really liked this toy. It was cheap, simple, and was something that helped keep the kids occupied during recess without them climbing all over each other. But trends come and go, and now I don’t see kids playing with them very much.

However, a new trend is on the rise at school. Actually, two new trends. One of those is paper airplanes and the other is spitballs launched from hollowed out pens. I’ve taken away more paper airplanes and spitball launching pens that I can remember. Now I don’t mind if the kids want to play with these things during in between class recess time. But as soon as spitballs and airplanes start flying during class I take them away.

Needless to say, the kids know a lot of English words I’ve used while instructing them to not do something. They know the word “stop” very well. Spitballs and paper airplanes aren’t the only occasion I have to use these words. Some other example of how I use these words are:
“Stop” hitting each other
“Sit down” until I say you may leave
“Don’t” whistle at the girls outside the window
“No” you may not copy someone else’s work

I am not saying that I never made these things when I was young. I clearly remember making tons of paper airplanes and shooting spitballs. However, the spitballs I made were launched from the tubes of pixie sticks, the really big ones that they used to sell at the skating rinks. And I wasn’t aiming for people. I was trying to hit the ceiling. I wanted to see how long they would stay up there. Some were there for months.

So I guess I’m saying that although the spitballs and paper airplanes they’re playing with now are not as “innocent” as the capiruchos, I remember being in grade school so I’m willing to cut them a little slack. And I definitely prefer the spitballs and paper airplanes to the small, toy guns that are occasionally brought to school. Ahhh the joys of teaching.


rubireyes said...

Last week I couldn't figure out why kids kept asking me for straws on their way to school. After reading this post I have put 2 and 2 together. Now that I know they are using them to torment their teachers and classmates I will start charging a quarter a straw.

Alisha Lundberg said...

Ha ha ha!! Smart idea!

Matt said...

Ha, I guess kids are pretty much the same wherever they are. I'm sure in a few months a new fad will arise and by just as annoying to the teachers.