Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You know it's wet when...

It’s the rainy season here in El Salvador. You know it’s wet when…

• It rains almost every day
• Everyone is always carrying an umbrella
• Everything is green and lush
• Rivers form in streets and canton roads
• You can’t drive on some canton roads and others disappear completely
• A trip to the cantons when it rains = shoes caked in mud
• Small streams become impassable
• Your feet are almost always wet and/or muddy
• There’s always a chance you’ll get soaked riding in the back of the pickup
• At the sound of rain everyone runs outside to pull dry clothes off the line
• It takes 3 days for your clothes to dry
• Envelopes seals themselves shut from the humidity
• Mold grows on everything including clothes, shoes, purses, luggage, money. I even saw mold growing on some flowers outside.
• Moss grows on cement making it slippery and dangerous. I have fallen before.

And now some photos to demonstrate:

This is a road

This is usually only a trickle of water during the dry season

Crossing the stream in Alejandria

The yard at the house when it rains

This is why it takes so long for clothes to dry

My money was growing mold

I actually washed it

Even when it's not raining during the rainy season
the roads aren't all that great in the cantons

When it rains and you're outside in the back
of a huge truck you can hold a tarp over you

It was fun the first five minutes under the tarp

Lots of moss

Even more moss

I love all the green

The crops are beautiful

There is a road here

A "puddle" in the road

Mud, mud, mud

A river in the road

More mud

We just hoped the engine didn't flood

Yet another river in the road

Once the truck got stuck in the mud

We had to push it out of the mud

Miguel had mud-covered shoes

This was after the inital rinsing of my feet


Matt said...

It is incredible how different everything looks in the rainy season. When we were there, we could walk right across the road in Alejandria. Water is an amazing force of nature.

julie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

My toothbrush got moldy! NOT the bristle part, but the plastic grippy handle. And slippery mossy brick paths will be the death of me.

off to check out the rest of your blog!