Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Artistic Festival videos

The following are three videos taken at the public boy's school where I teach. During the Bicentennial Artistic Festival bands from the school where I teach, the high school, and the public kindergarten school came to play. Being a former school band member myself, I always enjoy listening to the kids play. I've come to know the high school songs well since the Pastoral House is located very close to the high school and I can hear them practicing until late in the evening. I also know the boy's school band songs well because they play a lot in the mornings while I'm teaching. Both the boy's school and high school band consistently win first place in their division each year at the competition in Usulutan, including this year. The kindergarten band also won first place in their division this year. It makes me feel proud to live here in Berlin.

The boy's school band

The kindergarten band

The high school band

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Matt said...

They are all great. It's pretty cool that they win so many competitions. The kindergarten kids are pretty cute in their uniforms.