Sunday, September 11, 2011

Baby lizard visit

Today we had a visit from a baby lizard. We often have visits from lizards. Even baby lizards. But today I decided I wanted to catch the one that came to visit. Ever since I was a little kid I have loved animals, especially reptiles. And I’ve been catching lizards, snakes, and other creatures for most of my life.

I caught the lizard and took it up to Kathy’s office so she could see it. Then, for the next 15 minutes, we took lots of pictures of the lizard. It kept escaping so I had to re-catch it a few times. After we’d taken a sufficient number of pictures we took the lizard to show Cecilia. She saw it and declared “guacala!” (disgusting!) She did not want to touch it. Alejandro also looked at it but didn’t get too close.

Cecilia told me that if the lizard bit me I would die. I’m not sure if she was joking or if she actually believes that. There are a lot of superstitions and beliefs about animals here that I don’t agree with or think are strange. But I do my best to respect the ideas of others. The weirdest thing someone ever told me was that if you got bit by a certain venomous snake you had to cut a baby chicken in half and put it on the wound so you wouldn’t die. I don’t think I’ll be trying that one any time soon.

I eventually released the lizard back to where I’d found it. I hope it wasn’t too traumatized.

On the wall

Under Kathy's computer

Don't let him escape

He's tiny!

Peeking out from my hands

On Kathy's shoe

Catching him again

He almost got away

Showing him to Cecilia

She recoils

And hides her face

Alejandro doesn't get too close

Releasing the lizard

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Matt said...

Pretty cute little lizard. I hope he is ok.