Saturday, April 16, 2011

Play time at school

Friday, 4-15-11

At the boy’s school where I teach the kids have five periods throughout the morning. Each period is 45 minutes long with school starting at 7:30 and going until 12:00. In between each period is a 10 minute recreo (break or recess) with the exception of one 15 minute recreo. During this time the kids leave the classroom to play. They play soccer, run around like crazy, talk, yell, scream, climb things, jump off things, play fight, wrestle, eat snacks, etc. All of these things are perfectly acceptable. It took me a while to get used to the way the kids played because they are so rough with each other. Occasionally someone will get hurt but they normally just shake it off and keep going. I’m usually able to get my camera out and take a few pictures before the kids notice what I’m doing. After they see the camera they like to pose for pictures and look at the pictures afterward. Below are some pictures taken during recreo.

A soocer game getting started

Cartwheels down the steps

Food time

Playing around


Just finished some food

Down on the ground

Getting a drink

Playing some futbol

They've seen the camera

A hug/squeeze

Not sure what this was about

More water

More flips off the stairs

I love his shirt:
"This is what a ladies man looks like"
(I'm sure his family has no clue what is says)

Bunny ears

Playing with the grate

Just talking

Squishing another kid

They found something to play with

We do fun things in class too
Here, they're making letters with their bodies
We continue to work on pronunciation of the letters

The letter "I"!!!

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Matt said...

Glad to see that the kids have fun at school. I like the picture of the kid doing a flip off the stairs.