Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Homemade Limeade

Wednesday, 4-20-11

As I was standing in the yard today inspecting the avocado tree with Cecilia and Kathy I noticed that we had a ton of limes on the lime tree. I commented on them and wondered out loud what we could do with so many limes. “Make limeade” Kathy said. That’s a good idea. So after lunch I decided to make homemade limeade. I looked up some recipes online to use as a guide and was ready to go.

Our lime tree

I went outside and picked 10 limes off the tree. I rinsed off the outside and started squeezing them into a bowl. We have an old-fashioned juicer at the house that I used. After finishing with the limes I dumped all the juice into one glass to see how much I had. It was a little more than 1 cup. I added about 3½ cups of water to the juice and a ½ cup of sugar. I mixed it all up and tasted it. It was pretty sour but I really liked it because I love things that are sour. I decided to add a little more sugar to the juice.

Then I took it up to Kathy to try. Her lips puckered and she said she thought it needed more sugar and a little water. But first, she said I should let Cecilia try it. Cecilia tried it and also made a face. “Puchica amiga!” she shouted at me and I started laughing. I decided to add a little more sugar to it and then I was done.

Next I needed to get a picture of the juice for my blog. I ended up laying out a towel and posing the pitcher of juice with a lime by it. Then I heard Chiquita squawking in the yard. She’s green too and I thought it’d be cute to have her in the picture with the limeade and lime. I tried my best but she did not want to sit still. I snapped one good picture and then let her sit on my shoulder.


After the juice chilled I poured some into a glass to try. It was absolutely delicious! A little sour with a hint of sweetness. Just perfect. Kathy came down to get some as well. It was sour for her as well but she liked it. I’ll have to make this again sometime. Right now I’m going to enjoy the rest of my drink. Cheers! Salud!

Enjoying my juice



Mom said...

Sounds yummy!

Matt said...

Wow, homemade limeade. It looks great. What a luxury to have fresh limes in your back yard. I love the picture with Chiquita, she fits right in.