Saturday, April 16, 2011

Animal visitors

We often have little animal visitors at the house. I like to think they've come to visit the other animals here. In the past few days a couple chickens and some butterflies came to visit. The chickens didn't stay long because they were going to Alejandria  to be someone's dinner. One of them laid two eggs during her stay. I could definitely tell the difference between the "canton" chickens and my chicken, Chelita. Chelita was not afraid of people and actually comes running toward me when I go to see her. She also doesn't seem to like tortillas as much as the cantons chickens. Yes, she's definitely a city chicken. Very spoiled. Cecilia found one of the butterflies in the street and brought it inside. I put it on a leaf on a table and gave it some fruit. The other butterfly was similar to the first. We found it in the garage. Today Cecilia told me that Barbara had eaten one of the chicken's eggs. But she made up for it because she laid an egg herself.

Barbara and Chelita learn to share

How sweet

Chicken visitors

Chiquita eating tortilla

Butteryfly friend

Yellow and black underneath

I put her on a leaf

A similar butterfly in the garage

These small, dried, fried fish are not my friends
That's twice in two weeks they've made some
kind of fried, dried fish.

On the left is an egg Barbara laid
On the right is a chicken egg

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Matt said...

Barbara laid an egg! How exciting. What are you going do with it? The butterflies are really neat looking.