Saturday, July 4, 2015

Museum of the Revolution

We were able to visit the town of Perquin today. Perquin was under FMLN guerilla control during the Civil War and was known as part of the “red zone”. First we visited the Museum of Salvadoran Revolution. It contains documents, articles, pictures, and artifacts that belonged to the guerillas during the Civil War. The museum was founded by ex-combatants and attempts to recount the experiences of the guerillas.

After looking through the inside of the museum we walked outside to see the remains of helicopters and airplanes. Probably the most famous is the wreckage of the helicopter of Colonel Domingo Monterrosa, who was the commander of the Battalion that massacred the people in El Mozote. It was blown up by the guerillas in 1984. We also saw a recreation of Radio Venceremos, which was a mobile guerilla radio station during the war. Inside the recreated radio station is part of the device that was used to destroy Monterrosa’s helicopter.


Ticket to enter the museum

Faceless repression, naked innocence

A plaque that dedicates the museum
to the heroes and martyrs of the war

Why the war started:
We are poor

Listening to our guide

Don't forget: The USA gave $1 million dollars per
day to the Salvadoran government, provided the military
with training, and provided bombs and weapons.



Weapons used by the guerrillas





The remains of Domingo Monterrosa's
helicopter that the guerrillas blew up

Cars donated to the guerrillas during the war

A recreation of Radio Venceremos


A bomb given to El Salvador from the USA

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