Monday, May 16, 2011

How to trim a tree

Sunday, 5-15-11

The avocado tree in the yard was in need of a trimming. Not only is it good to trim it every once and a while but we wanted to get rid of branches hanging over the house that could come down during a storm. These directions are for trimming an avocado tree but are applicable to other trees as well:

1. Remove objects such as chickens and ducks from under the tree to be trimmed
2. Locate machete and sharpen it on some concrete
3. Use ladder to get part way up the tree
4. Climb the rest of the tree; be sure you have machete in hand
5. Identify branches to be trimmed
6. Hack them off with a machete
7. Try not to fall out of the tree
8. Make sure no one (like the photographer) is standing under the tree while you’re cutting off branches
9. Have helper below point out more branches to be trimmed
10. Get out of tree safely
11. Collect avocados that fell to the ground
12. Take fallen branches to garage and pile them by the truck
13. Cut branches into smaller pieces
14. Pile branches into the truck
15. Haul branches to local dump
16. Come home and enjoy avocados

The photos below will demonstrate the process:

Watch out Barbara!

Move aside Chelita!

Sharpen machete: check

Find ladder: check

Start hacking away

Down go the branches

It's a small ladder

In theory, your helper should
not be texting on the phone

Hope there's nothing under there

Can you see him?

Avocado sighting!

Bigger than Chiquita

Thick branches

Don't let go!


That'd be a long way to fall

They're huge!

Five so far

I don't recognize the yard

Baby avocados

Tiny in comparison

Branches piled by the truck

Different view


How to mow the lawn (if you have one):
Option A: Use a machete
Option B: Buy a duck

See examples below:



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Matt said...

It all sounds so simple. Maybe next time they will let you climb into the tree. Those avocados are huge. I hope that one didn't hit Chequita.