Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Compañeros Report

April 1 – 3
Teaching classes. Trip to Usulután to visit Alejandro’s college. Visited the cooperative in El Tablón with a group of students from the UCA.

April 4 – 10
Lots of teaching. Helped to paint the cement benches around Berlín with Pedro. Video meeting with Compañeros. Special mass at church for someone who had died; he was a former director and teacher at the boy’s school where I teach. Learned that I could not eat broccoli. Visited the cooperative in El Tablón again with the UCA students.

April 11 – 17
Managed to sunburn my lips. Got a mosquito net for my bed. Had fun teaching the kiddos. Went to two quinceañeras in Alejandría; one was for Blanca’s niece. Palm Sunday procession and mass. Very cool. Bought several decorative palm fronds

April 18 – 24
Semana Santa: Holy Week. No classes this week. Kathy returned from the US. Rosary in Alejandría. 2½ hour Maundy Thursday mass at church with foot washing followed by 10pm procession of Jesus to the other Catholic Church. Good Friday Stations of the Cross in Alejandría with special dibujos (drawings). Saw the alfombras (carpets) made of salt being created around Berlín for Good Friday procession. Spent 3½ hours at the Good Friday procession of Jesus around town at night. Holy Saturday blessing of the animals ceremony at the church. Had Chiquita blessed. Dyed Easter eggs with Cecilia. Had special Easter Vigil celebration in Alejandría. Easter Sunday mass with a wedding and pancakes for dinner.

April 25 – 30
Kids at school learning a lot of English. Celebrated Secretary’s day. Pastoral Team meeting. Meeting in San Francisco with Directiva to discuss fertilizer. Worked on visa forms so I can stay in the country; felt like ripping my hair out. Went to the physical therapy foundation to volunteer. Big parade to the boy’s school followed by soccer tournaments. Visited Río de los Bueyes for the annual Celebration of the Martyrs.

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