Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ruta de la flores/Route of the flowers

Today was the day to do something fun with the Pastoral Team. Blanca, Cecilia, Idalia, and Margarita were able to join us from the team. They chose to do the Ruta de la flores, which means Route of the Flowers. This is in the western part of El Salvador, which I have never visited before. I wasn’t really sure what the Ruta was about so I found a description which I’m sharing below.
Traveling the La Ruta de las Flores, slowly and purposefully, is like a meander through the story of El Salvador. It's a searingly beautiful series of villages, each with a mix of colonial architecture in indigenous tones. Those who like the good life can feast on local food, particularly at the weekend markets, browse the craft tiendas, or undertake firsthand research into why El Salvadoran coffee is renowned across the world.” From- Lonely Planet
We visited three cities along the Route of the Flowers: Salcoatitan, Juayua, and Concepción de Ataco. We enjoyed good food and walked through the little craft markets in each of the towns. The crafts and other goods were similar to what I’ve seen before but there were a lot of new things as well.
We ate lunch at a beautiful restaurant called Jardín de Celeste, which means Celestial Garden. I dined on bean soup, avocado with shrimp, and a small salad. Everything was delicious and the flowers there were gorgeous! After lunch we visited one more little town and then it was off to Berlín. It was a three hour drive but we arrived in time for a pupusa dinner. Then we had a short meeting and then it was off to bed.
Tomorrow is a new and wonderful day!



Very fresh pineapple

Making drinks

I'll take one without the alcohol please

Inside a church that's being redone

Love stained glass





love, peace, harmony, life, hope




I love cats!


Maquilishuat (national tree)

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