Friday, April 22, 2016

We made it!

I went to bed last night around 10pm but didn’t fall asleep until 11:30pm. Sadly, I had to wake up around 3:15am. The United counter at the airport opened at 4am and our plane left at 5:30am. Noe took me to the airport where I met up with Mark, Marcia, Kathy, and Linda for out flight down to El Salvador. The trip was uneventful and I ended up sleeping most of the time.
We arrived before noon in El Salvador, and you know what that means...Lunch Time!! We stopped at the pupuseria along the highway for lunch. The pupusas were wonderful and so was the homemade mango smoothie that I ordered. Delicious!
After that we stopped by the artisan market in San Salvador for a couple hours. I found some items for my office in Des Moines which really got me excited. But then we all started to drag and made our way to Los Pinos (now called Casa Antigua) which is like a little hostel. We spent time chatting and resting.
Before we knew it, Dinner Time!! We walked down the street to the usual restaurant and ordered there. I ended up with delicious garlic shrimp, avocado, and tortillas. Everyone had a great meal. Instead of going for ice cream we ended up wandering back to the hostel. We were all full and tired.
With that, I bid you goodnight!  


Mango smoothie

Dinner restaurant

Shrimp dinner with avocado, rice, and tortillas

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