Monday, November 17, 2014

Out to the communities

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Today was another long day. We went to different communities and visited with 6 different Directivas (community boards). In each community we introduced ourselves as members of Compañeros and Sue explained the structures of Compañeros. Blanca explained the US church and Community partnerships as well as the functions of the Pastoral Team and the Mission Co-worker. The Directiva of each community represented introduced themselves. They were asked to talk about how they feel their relationship is between themselves and their partner church as well as previous projects that have worked well in their communities. Each community and Directiva was very welcoming and open with us. It would have been nice to spend more time in each community but unfortunately time wouldn’t allow.

The first community that we visited today was Virginia, which has a partnership with Dallas Center Presbyterian. The second community we visited was Casa de Zacate. We met with their Directica and visited with the Directiva of Casa de Zinc while we were there as well. Those communities are partnered with Trinity United Presbyterian Church in Indianola. The last community we visited was San Francisco. We met with their Directiva as well as the Directivas from La Llanes and El Cimarrón. Their sister church is my church, Westminster Presbyterian.

Enjoy the photos:


When visiting the caserio of La Llanes in 2013, I got to see several old friends. One of my friends, Marleny, I had met back in 2011 and she’d recently had a baby girl. When I saw her she told me, “I always said that if I had a baby girl I would name her Alicia after you because it is such a beautiful name and you are important to our family. I’ve named her Alicia in your honor.” This is a picture of her and me taken today.

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