Wednesday, November 6, 2013

El Salvador 2013

It's been almost two years since I've written in my blog. After leaving El Salvador in December of 2011, I had a very difficult time adjusting back to life in the US and a hard time blogging. There was a lot I wanted to write about, but it never got done. But now I have another chance. I'm back in El Salvador with two other women from my church, Maggie and Michelle. We'll be here for one week in Berlin, Usulután, El Salvador. I'll be staying an extra week to spend some time with friends I made during my year here in 2011. I'm sure we'll have many wonderful experiences and adventures during our time here.

"La Chelita"

Westminster Delegation
November 6th-13th
3 women

Wednesday, 6th of November:
12:25p        Arrive:  Delta #403
1:45            Travel to Military Museum       
2:00-3:00    Military Museum                     
3:30             Arrive at Los Pino
6:00             Dinner in San Salvador
7:30             Return to Los Pinos                

Thursday, 7th of November
7:45         Light breakfast at Los Pinos (included)
8:15         Picked up by Alfredo in Micro Bus.   Load suitcases.                                                  
8:30         Parque Cuscatlán - Civilian Memorial Wall                         
9:15         Divina Providencia (Romero’s home)                                                     
10:30       UCA (Jesuit massacre)                                                                             
11:30       To the Artisan Market                                                                              
1:00         Lunch                                                                                                      
2:00         Leave for Berlin                                                                                     
6:00         Dinner at Casa Pastoral                                                                             
6:30         Welcome meeting                                                                                                                    
7:30         Reflections                                                                                              
Friday, 8th of November
6:30-6:50              Breakfast at La Casa                                                                   
7:00-9:30              Drive to El Mozote                                                                  
9:30-12:00            Listen to foundation/See Monument                                                       
12:30-1:00            Go to the war museum in Perquin                                                           
1:00-1:30              Go to the Guerrilla Encampment                                                             
2:00-3:30              Lunch at Perkin Lenca                                                                              
3:30                      Begin drive back to Berlin                                                                        
5:30                      In Berlin.  Free time.                                                                               
6:30                      Light dinner at La Casa Pastoral                                                
7:30                      Reflections                                                                                              
Saturday, 9th of November  
7:00              Breakfast at La Casa                                                                
8:00              Drive to San Francisco                                                                             
8:30              Welcome Meeting                                                                                   
10:30            Meet with Directiva and Community for updates                                     
11:30            Begin Visits                                                                                                 
12:30            Lunch in San Francisco                                                                            
1:00              Continue door to door visits                                                                   
4:30              Head back to Berlin                                                                  
5:30              Back at La Casa                                                                                         
6:30              Dinner at La Casa Pastoral                                                                        
7:30              Reflections                                                                                              
Sunday, 10th of November
7:00              Breakfast at La Casa                                                                   
8:00              Drive to San Francisco                                                                             
9:00              Continue Door to Door                                                                          
12:00            Lunch in San Francisco                                                                            
1:00              Continue Door to Door                                                                          
4:30              Begin drive back to Berlín                                                                        
6:30              Dinner at La Casa                                                                                 
Monday, 11th of November
7:15             Breakfast at La Casa                                                                   
9:30             Finish visits                                                                                         
12:00           Lunch in community                                                                              
1:00             Goodbye from community                                              
2:00             Leave for Berlin                                                                  
3:30             Return to Berlin                                                                     
6:30             Dinner at La Casa                                                                   
8:00             Reflections and/or packing                                       
Tuesday, 12th of November  
7:15            Breakfast   at La Casa                                                                 
8:30            To the beach (or, more community visits)                                               
2:00            Return from beach/Community
6:30            Dinner at La Casa/en Alegria                                                    
Wednesday, 13th of November 
7:30            Breakfast  at La Casa                                                           
8:00            Load suitcases and head to airport                                           
1:17p          Flight                                                                                              

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gringainelsalvador said...

You're sending radio signals, as I like to say to people sometimes. I happened to think about you this morning, and said let's go to her Blog if there is anything new. And wouldn't you know it? There you are! Right in El Salvador, right now. Fantastic, I am so happy you made it back there and get to see your friends again. I'll go check out your other posts. :-)