Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ferretería A-Z

Ferret Delights (you probably don't want to know)

A – Angel hair ferret

B – BBQ ferret

C – Caramelized ferret

D – Diced ferret

E – Egg-fu-ferret

F – Fried ferret on a stick

G – Grilled ferret

H – Honey roasted ferret

I – Iced ferret

J – Jellied ferret

K – Ketchup ferret

L – Lemon pepper ferret

M – Mango ferret salsa

N – Nutmeg cinnamon ferret

O – Orange marmalade ferret

P – Pecan glazed ferret

Q – Quiche a la ferret

R – Road kill ferret

S – Sesame encrusted ferret

T – Teriyaki ferret

U – Usulután ferret

V – Vegetable medley ferret

W – Wasabi ferret

X – Xtreme ferret

Y – Yams and ferret

Z – Zacate ferret

Xtreme Ferret!

Throughout the entire trip we were all joking that the stores that have signs on them that read “Ferretería” means a store that sells ferrets (it actually means hardware store). So everyone was listing off different ways of serving ferrets. Ferretería A-Z we called it. We got grilled ferret, caramelized ferret, canned ferret, iguana stuffed ferret, lemon pepper ferret, mango encrusted ferret, ferret-on-a-stick…. oh my. 


Linda O'Connell said...

Love it. Miss you. We will have to skype sometime.

Linda O'Connell said...

Darn! Just thought about what we should have done! We should have had someone make an x with by crossing their arms and you and I should have been on either side of them for our Xtreme ferret pose. Oh well, there is always next time.

Matt said...

Run away to safety ferrets! Don't get eaten.