Sunday, February 27, 2011

Computer Saturday

Saturday, 2-26-11

Well, I knew it was going to happen eventually. I managed to slip and fall today on the kitchen floor. Thankfully I landed on my left knee and right forearm so I think I prevented any further injury to my left hip. I’ve managed to avoid falling since my hip problems began in October and I really thought since I was done with the snow for a while that I’d be okay. Apparently not. Oh well. At least I didn’t run into the wall and bruise the back of my arm this time. But don’t worry mom; I immediately put ice on my hip and knee and took an Aleve.

I’ve decided to call today Computer Saturday because working on the computer is basically what I did all day. I backed up all my photos and word documents to my external hard drive in case the hard drive on my computer was to crash. I went through all of the pictures I took while the Newton delegation was here. I returned some emails that I hadn’t got around to yet. I worked on a report for Compañeros. I did a little more lesson planning. That was basically my day. Blanca was working at the dining room table with me for quite a while. Every once and a while we’d look at each other and sigh. “Tengo sueño,” she’d tell me (I’m tired). “Yo también,” I’d reply (Me too). I think the times when I am the least busy are usually when I’m the most tired. Either that or my body is just trying to catch up on sleep. Who knows.

I saw Pablo the turtle today for this first time since I got here. He had managed to make his way down to the chapel. I have no idea how he got down those stairs. Idalia told me I could take him back to the yard. I fed him and Barbara some bread. I made sure to put Barbara’s bread away from Pablo so she wouldn’t try to get his food or peck at him. It’s really nice to have some animals around the house. It seems more like home.

I went for a walk around 4:00pm because I really needed to get out and stretch my legs. My eyes were starting to bug out as well from staring at the computer so long. I admit that part of my walk was to the ice cream store for a scoop of mango and blackberry ice cream. It was wonderful and I hadn’t had mango since I got here. Then I went to the town center to sit down and people watch for a while. I saw two women and a little girl playing with their tiny puppy. The puppy and the girl were both really small and seemed to enjoy playing together. That was kind of a weird sight. Most people here don’t play with their dogs like that even if the dog is a pet. It was a nice change of pace.

I eventually headed back to the house to do a little more work. At 6:30pm Idalia asked me if I wanted to go with her to pick up some tacos for dinner. I said yes. Yay! If someone invites me to go with them somewhere, especially at night, I usually leap at the opportunity. I rarely go outside when it’s dark out so it’s kind of a treat to get to leave the house. We walked down the road a little ways to a small restaurant where they sell tacos, pupusas, and other food. We told them what we wanted and then went to sit down to wait for the food to be ready. I read a bit of the paper while we waited. When our order was ready we picked it up and walked back home. The food was delicious and I ended up eating three tacos.

The rest of my night was very laid back. I read a little news online, which is something I haven’t done since I got here. I chatted with my mom on Skype and listened to music. I even got to bed at a decent time. Ahhh, a good day.

Pablo, the turtle

Tasty bread

Enjoying breakfast together

All done


Kevin Pokorny said...

What a cute turtle! I'm glad you didn't injury yourself, Alisha. I talked with Matt today and he is fine. Take care.

Matt said...

Pablo is pretty cute! Where was he hiding all this time!