Thursday, February 11, 2010

Photos from San Sebastian, Ilobasco, & Alegría

Shop in San Sebastian

The wooden looms used to make blankets, towels, tableclothes, etc.

Close up of the yarn used

Those are Salvadoran colors!

Pretty complicated

Shop in Ilobasco


Sandy looking guilty after buying too much, thus making me buy too much

Hard at work in the hammock

Going to Alegría

View of the sunset from the truck

Restaurante Cartagena

Scarlet macaw at the restaurant


Mapache! I'm not sure if raccoons are native to El Sal or not

Idalia and I with our drinks (mine was not alcoholic)

Shrimps complete with tail, legs, head, and shell

Kathy and her medium sized fish (it was over a foot long)

*Check out the blog before this one for more details!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Alisha. Glad to know you're okay and enjoying yourself. Kevin

Matt said...

The kitty is so cute, and he posed for you. What a perfect picture.