Sunday, February 14, 2010

Más fotos

Mangos! This kind is much smaller than the ones you'd usually see in the US and they are green inside

Marañones- a delicious new fruit I tried that tastes like a cross between a pear and a peach, but less sweet

Men sewing bags together at the co-op of La Maroma in La Noria

People from Berlín together with the two people we talked to at the co-op

Same photo as above, only this one includes the visitor here from Spain, Chon

Inside the building where they make cheese in Nueva Esperanza

An adorable kitty that wanted to play with me in Nueva Esperanza

Excuse me! Coming through!! Cows on the road

That day we saw a herd on the road almost every five minutes

Wait a second, this is a railroad track, not a street. Quick, turn around!!

We crossed over this stream in our truck on the backroads to Berlín

The sun over the Río Lempa

Another view of Río Lempa

Walking up the street to where I'll be teaching in Berlín

Sign at the school where I'll teach

The giant salad I made for the women at the Casa to take to the church

Cutting down trees in Alejandría to make room for electricity poles.Their community will finally be getting electricity

Kathy offering a cookie to a little girl in the canton of Las Delicias

A little boy in Las Delicias who did not want to be held by the gringas

A giant bunch of plantains given to us after our trip to Las Delicias. It contains over 50 plantains!

Tres médicas de España, El Salvador, y los Estados Unidos (three doctors from Spain, El Salvador, and the United States). We were attemping to pull out a splinter from Blanca's finger

Mission co-worker at rest. The first opportunity in a long time

Fish for lunch. Dinner for the kitties.

Gifts for the ladies at the Casa and their moms for Día de Amistad y Amor (Day of Friendship and Love)

Kitty at the Casa! He's eating our leftovers. I named this one Banana.


Matt said...

The kitties are pretty cute. It's great to see pictures of the school you will be teaching at. I am excited to hear about your first day tommorrow.

Emily said...

you find animals to befriend everywhere you go :) i, too, am very excited to hear about your experience teaching!